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Orchestrating the transformation with Innovation Floor

We help enterprises turn digital using the cloud as their foundation. Moving towards cloud not just helps businesses to attain new insights, unlock new opportunities, and develop new business models but empower customer experiences. Our insights is to perform enhancing in cloud AI, SaaS solutions, cloud as a service, PaaS, IaaS, cloud robotics, AR cloud service, Ecommerce cloud solutions varying based on your business needs and the choice of innovative cloud services.

AI Cloud Services

Innovation Floor is one of the leading cloud consultancy firm in AI platforms. We spent significant time in building secure, adaptable, and versatile cloud-based arrangements while meeting administrative requirements. These new cloud technologies have the potential to reduce operating costs and significantly increase productivity across the entire organization.
AI cloud as a service are generic and are not tailored to specific uses, cloud computing vendors are taking steps to ensure that this is constantly improved. We can leverage AI cloud computing based on
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased productivity
  • Reliability
  • Availability of advanced infrastructure

    Robot Cloud Services

    The continued emergence of cloud-based technologies has caused a fundamental shift in IT strategy, with an increased focus on delivering better digital services to customers. Cloud robotics is an emerging field of robotics rooted in cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centered all over the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services. At innovation floor, we help you with the rapid increase in data transfer rates to offload tasks without any hard real time requirements. Robot cloud services can deliver into
    • Augmented human-robot interaction
    • Assistance for evaluation, learning and error recovery
    • Offers global library of images, maps and object data
    • Motion tracking and Task planning
    • Scheduling and coordination of system

    AR Cloud Services

    At Innovation Floor, we spends an excellent deal of time looking at immersive technologies and exploring the factors that would cause the holy grail of a ‘mass consumer adoption'. For Augmented Reality the advent of 5G and advances in mobile phone technology are likely to play a critical role. But the most significant improvement of all for driving AR adoption will be the AR Cloud Services.
    • Transfer of processing capability from the local computer to the cloud
    • Responsive interactive feedback
    • Real-time cloud-based perception, rendering
    • Real-time delivery of the display content

    Ecommerce Cloud Services

    Most important thing an e-commerce business owner can do to make sure your online storefront delivers an awesome customer experience. A big piece of that is where your site is hosted and the technology solution you choose to power your infrastructure. At innovation floor, we believe the public cloud is the natural home for e-commerce and that's where the e-commerce cloud services comes in we provide everything you need to take your online business into
    • Cloud migration hosting
    • Rock solid security and uptime
    • Predict auto-scaling feature with machine learning
    • Scale-out site performance
    • Page load times across mobile

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