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What is AI?

You may have noticed a sudden rise is AI companies in Dubai and different parts of the world. In simple terms, AI or artificial intelligence is the ability of a particular device to perceive its surroundings and respond in a more appropriate manner. How can this be possible? There are many processes that go into developing great AI systems. You may have come across names like machine learning algorithms, chatbot development, neural networks & deep learning, voice recognition etc. All of these are the various processes through which we develop AI or artificial intelligence powered projects in Dubai. As one of the top artificial intelligence companies in UAE, we have the resources and the infrastructure to develop sophisticated AI projects.

AI Consulting & Strategy

  • Data Health Check
  • We audit and verify your data and the algorithm powering your AI solutions through our expertise in machine learning, neural networks and deep learning technology.

  • Accuracy of AI Insights
  • We help enterprises drive data informed decisions through machine learning, chatbot data collection, voice recognition, neural network and deep learning technology.

  • Transparency
  • Be it neural networks & deep learning or machine learning or voice recognition, our reputation as one of the top AI companies in UAE drives us to thoroughly inform our clients on all datasets, products, tools and technology that go into their projects.

    AI Solution Development

    At Innovation Floor, unlike many other artificial intelligence companies in UAE, we build, customize and redesign AI driven systems either on a turnkey basis or as a remote partner to your in-house team at any project stage. Our expertise in data science, backend development & integration, computer vision algorithms and applications, machine learning, neural networks and deep learning, chatbot software development or voice recognition software makes us capable of taking up complex tasks.
    As one of the top AI companies in UAE, we offer our clients Enterprise Ai development and implementation services that help organizations adopt AI into all layers of an organization. This ranges from developing predictive analytics that provides deep insight into your business operations to complete automation of all your data entry processes and routine tasks.

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    AI Training

    As one of the top AI companies in UAE, we realize that Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing into a source of practical solutions for students, companies and organizations. The various processes such as neural networks & deep learning, machine learning, chatbot development or even voice recognition software involved in the various aspects of AI development offers numerous possibilities to work more efficiently to help customers and save costs.
    Our training course ‘Artificial Intelligence in Action’ gives you a realistic picture of what is possible with AI in your field, sector or career. One of the reasons that make us among the top AI companies in Dubai & UAE is our structured approach to help you discover which AI innovations be it chatbot development, voice recognition or machine learning can benefit you and your organization.
    • AI basic training for 1 week
    • AI advanced training for 3 weeks
    • Customized AI course