UAE, COVID-19 & Robots: How robots help to combat COVID-19 in UAE |
April 29, 2020
Philosophy of AI, while exploiting the power of robots
June 30, 2020

Healthcare workers at hospitals are risking COVID-19 infection by taking care of those infected by it 24/7. Perhaps the level of risk may get reduced hereafter with the help of a new friend, Alice. The robot named Alice by Innovation Floor can help frontline healthcare workers in maintaining physical distance from those infected by a coronavirus.

Not so long ago, the concept of a fully automated store seemed something of curiosity. Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of relying on computers and robotics, and checking out groceries by simply picking them off the shelf doesn’t seem so peculiar after all.

Part of our research involves looking at how we deal with complex artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can learn and make decisions without any human involvement, and how these types of AI technologies challenge our current understanding of the law and its application.

Due to the contagiousness of COVID-19, it’s safer if human-to-human contact is minimized. Since robots are immune to infection, tech companies including Innovation Floor have stepped up to the challenge to get more robots out in force to deliver e.g. medical supplies within healthcare environments. Robots are also proving to be valuable when delivering essential items to people who shop and purchase online and are quarantined at home. Recently most delivery apps ramped up their “contactless delivery” options through autonomous vehicles and robots. Shenzhen-based startup Pudu Technology aimed to reduce cross-infection by implementing home delivery of drugs and meals via robot.

The robot helps support the medical staff by receiving the Patients, sorting them, and also guiding them to the treatment