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July 1, 2020
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Top 5 impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Education system

Educational technologies are transforming the education sector and easing the growth of scholars, teachers, and institutions.

So let’s get discuss the 5 most importance of AI in the Education system

1. Benefits for teachers

Teachers can use AI for a better understanding of topics and their level of difficulties towards scholars. That will increase the standard of education and level of scholars

2. Benefits for scholars

It can analyze the pace of learning and latent skills of scholars which will help teachers. Parents can guide scholars in productive learning

3.  Personalised learning

AI can adapt to the individual learning-related requirements of scholars and teachers. Reduce the unproductive work of teachers and help the institution to increase the efficiency of education.

4. Grading automation

AI can automate the grading system in multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in education institutions

5. Global access to education

AI is one advanced tool that can bring the global classroom for students in every corner of the world and can fill the gap of communication between teachers and scholars.