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March 15, 2020
UAE, COVID-19 & Robots: How robots help to combat COVID-19 in UAE |
April 29, 2020

Robots help the workers work more efficiently than before. Today, they are already working in our everyday life and are affecting our life forever. We should be aware that the development and innovation in robots will change how we live forever. Like what we know that manufacturing companies are working with the robots over two decades and it has been more successful. According to the study, in 2014 the robot sales increase 29% with total 229,261 units. So, we should be ready for the change and aware that the robots could have the similar function to humans, may be smarter than the creators as humans.

These 10 robots make life a lot easier.

#1 This suitcase follows you around. Travelmate uses GPS to stay close to your connected smartphone.

#2 Grillbot is like a Roomba for your grill. Just set the timer and let Grillbot go to work.

#3 This machine fixes the worst part about doing laundry. FoldiMate will fold your clothes for you.

#4 Moley Robotics created a robot chef. It does the cooking for you. The robot imitates a chef’s exact motions.

#5 Pillo will give you the pills you need. It uses facial recognition to dispense the right pills at the right times.

#6 Temi is a mobile personal assistant robot. It can follow you around and be there when you need it. You can ask Temi questions and use it to make video calls.

#7 The BratWurst Bot can do the grilling for you. It grilled over 200 sausages at a party in Berlin.

#8 Kobi is like a Roomba for your driveway and lawn. It takes care of leaves, snow, and grass maintenance.

#9 The Ohea Smart Bed makes itself. The Ohea Smart Bed makes itself.

#10 Winbot is an automatic window cleaner. You can also steer the Winbot with a remote control.